CAMPBLOOM - Stort rummeligt campingtelt PU >3000 mm 3-10 personer

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✅ Easy Setup in Under 3 Seconds

✅ Simple Disassembly

💪 Super Lightweight

🦟 Mosquito Net

💦 Waterproof Rating PU 2000mm

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Fits 2-4 People

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1. Take the tent out of the storage bag and unfold it on the ground. 2. Lift the top straight up for automatic setup. 3. Secure the tent with tent pegs and ropes. 4. To pack up, collapse the inner poles connected to the hub.
SNAPTENT™ is also covered by our 24-month warranty against any manufacturing defects.
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    "Quick installation and easy disassembly – exactly what I needed. It is sturdy and comfortable." - Jonas, Manchester

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    "I am satisfied! Quick delivery, very good and convenient tent. I can guarantee that this is among the best on the market."
    - John, Seattle

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    "I love how practical and easy to use the Snaptent is. No hassle with setting up or taking down the tent. Definitely a must-have!" - Emily, Austin

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    "The Snaptent is fantastic! It sets up in no time and taking it down is just as easy. Perfect for anyone who loves convenience. Highly recommended!" - Michael, Denver

Convenience, Durability, & Comfort.

SNAPTENT™ is the perfect solution for camping enthusiasts who seek convenience, durability, and comfort in one simple product. With its hydraulic suspension system, this fully automatic tent can be set up in under 3 seconds, making it easy to use even for inexperienced campers.

The robust and durable tent is built to last, ensuring reliable protection for many years to come.

Easy Setup in Under 3 Seconds

Take the tent out of the bag, unfold it, grab the top, and lift straight up to have the tent set itself up automatically.

The smart design eliminates the need for complicated tent poles, making it perfect for both inexperienced campers and those who want to spend more time enjoying nature.

Why Do Customers Prefer SNAPTENT™?

Super Fast Installation

Customers choose SNAPTENT™ for its lightning-fast setup – pitch the tent in under 3 seconds and enjoy more time in nature.

Easy Disassembly

SNAPTENT™ is popular thanks to its simple disassembly. In just a few seconds, you can pack up the tent without any hassle.

Comfortable & Practical

Customers appreciate SNAPTENT™ for its comfortable and practical design, making the camping experience easy and enjoyable.

Robust Material

SNAPTENT™ is made from 190T polyester and nylon mesh material that breathes, while the rainfly is crafted from 190T polyester to repel water and protect against weather elements.

The quick tent's fiberglass poles are both strong and lightweight, providing durability and ease of use.

Waterproof Rating of PU 2000mm

SNAPTENT™ features a PU coating with a waterproof rating of 2000 mm, keeping you dry.

This high-quality material provides excellent protection against weather elements, making the tent perfect for all your outdoor adventures.

Comfortable Ventilation

SNAPTENT™ features premium ventilation design with two doors and built-in mosquito nets, ensuring optimal air circulation.

The breathable mesh material provides a pleasant airflow throughout the day, while the mosquito nets offer extra protection against mosquitoes and other insects.

This allows you to enjoy a cool and comfortable environment without unwanted guests when it's time to sleep.

Accommodates Up to 4 People

The Snaptent is available in two sizes. Choose between the Small option for 1-2 people or the Large option for 3-4 people, depending on your specific needs.

Installation of SNAPTENT™

Unfolding SNAPTENT™

Take SNAPTENT™ out of the storage bag and unfold it on the ground.